Cape Town

What to Do
Chill in the Dark

Within audible range of a lions roar from the veranda of the zebra lodge (traffic permitting) one may come across the curiously named Labia Theatre, the oldest independent art-repertory cinema in South Africa. Originally built by one Count Labia as the Italian plenipotentiary's ballroom and opened by Princess Labia in 1949 as a theatre for the staging of live performing arts. This art deco venue features mainly independent film a la carte between promoting regular film festivals.

The Labia

Walk in the Park

A little further from the famous lodge, but not further than a Meerkat might roam, amid squirrelled oaks and company gardens sits the enigmatic South African Museum in all its dusty intrigue. Established 1825 and housed at the present location since 1897 the museum counts Charles Darwin among it's notable visitors while contemporary offerings now include intergalactic armchair excursions, thanks to a compelling 3D digital platform recently installed at the Planetarium.

South African Museum

And On Into the Night

Meanwhile down in the neon jungle of Long Street, at a distance no further from the slumbering house of stripe than an elephant flushed with fermented Marula berries may be inclined to stumble, the nocturnal festivities continue... and from somewhere out in the warm ancient night, carried on a breeze; say the range of a velvet moth in search of the moon, a saxophone is saying something illegal.

Cape Town By Night

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